“The Seed” Wellness Program

Cindy · February 12, 2021

“The Seed” Wellness Modules provide participants with step-by-step processes so you can heal your life and step into your power. We provide tools and support on a weekly basis so you can begin to heal at your pace and within your timing, focusing on all aspects of living life with allergies and/or a mast cell disorder.

God/Spirit/The Universe (whatever you call it) knows exactly what you need to heal, and this course assists you in tapping into your own inner guidance while also learning how to manage and work through your allergic reactions so you can heal on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic level. We provide you with the tools you need to put into practice everything you are learning.

This course feeds you with monthly topics that incorporate weekly lessons and assignments from Cindy Costley. Although this is a go-at-you-own-pace program, we recommend that you try to follow the 12-month plan as each lesson builds on the previous ones, like a staircase taking you to the top of a mountain where you meet your Ideal Self. Each journey is unique, and healing happens along the way as long as you are willing to take the steps and put in the time and work so that you can thrive and live a peaceful, joyful life!

“The Seed” Wellness Modules also come with a group forum where you can interact and communicate with The Underlying Answers coaches as well as other individuals in the wellness program. We love to hear about your progress and answer your questions through the forum!

Note: These modules are for “The Seed” Community Members only. You must register for the community in order to gain access to the wellness modules.

Welcome to "The Seed"! Our modules consist of a combination of videos, readings, written lessons (with fillable forms), and meditations.  Upon signing up you will receive the first month's curriculum, and every 30 days following you will be provided with another four weeks of lessons that will support the management of your allergic reactions as well as healing the underlying reasons behind your reactions. 

Lesson outline: 

  1. What are you Yes'ing in your life?
  2. You Are Where You Are!
  3. Notice and Observe
  4. The Five Pillars
  5. Deep Dive into the Mental Body
  6. Deep Dive into the Emotional body
  7. Deep Dive into the Physical body
  8. Deep Dive into the Spiritual body
  9. Deep Dive into the Energetic body
  10. Trusting Your Intuition
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Reflection

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