Are You Ready To Say "Yes" To A Vibrant, Healthy Life?

Empowerment Course

The Underlying Answer Empowerment Course is a 12 month process that will take you step-by-step into your healing journey. Each month we give you tools and support so you can heal your life, step into your power and become all you are meant to be in this lifetime!

NOTE: This course is sold separately from the membership, but if you choose to register for our membership, you will get a 10% discount on the course after your 14-day trial is complete. 

Welcome To Our

Dancing Souls Community!


This thing called “A Human Experience” can be difficult. It is a journey that entails much love and joy, and also stories of pain, and often suffering, in ways that are unique to each individual soul. We all must take personal responsibility to do our best to heal and grow through it all, which isn’t always easy

Healing takes time. Although humans innately desire a “quick fix”, living from that place will often lead you down a rabbit hole of taking one magic pill or remedy after another. In reality, true and lasting healing comes from seeking the underlying reasons behind your suffering and putting in the work to heal it all. 

Healing takes courage, resilience, patience, and a belief in the “seemingly impossible”. We understand that it can be difficult to find the strength within to heal when you may be struggling just to get through each day. This is why our Dancing Souls Village is designed to love and support you through your journey as well as provide you with a toolbox of information that will allow you to heal from deep within as you become aligned with your True Self.

If you:

  • Are ready to take your power back and say “YES” to all you were meant to be in this world, and
  • Feel you would benefit from a community of like-minded people who are all committed to healing their lives, and
  • Are ready to laugh, play, learn, cry, meditate, teach, grow, and put in the work to heal your life and thrive…

Then This Community Is For You!


We will carry you in love as you grow Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Energetically!

Take a Journey with Cindy and Shaylee, and grow with a community of individuals dedicated to living an empowered, healthy life!

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Dancing Souls Membership and

Empowerment Course Details


Live Bi-Weekly Book Club Discussions (Facilitated by Cindy)
Live Weekly Thriving Thursday Educational Webinars (Facilitated by Shaylee, Cindy, and monthly guest speakers)
Live Monthly New and Full Moon Webinars (Facilitated by Shaylee)
Access to All Previously Recorded Thriving Thursday Webinars
Access to Member Forums and Discussions on Specific Topics
Access to Private Groups
Documents, Meditations & Other Educational Resources
Weekly Curriculum (Focused on your emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic wellbeing)
Instructional videos and written assignments, meditations, & educational resources provided (go-at-your-own-pace)
Assignments (designed to help you take tangible steps in your spiritual growth and healing process)
14 Day Trial
*Sale Price: Price good for individuals that register prior to September 2021. *$19.99/Month
Original Price $29.99/Month

Join Our Community of Individuals Choosing To

Live A Vibrant Healthy Life!

  • The focus of our membership and course is based on five components: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Energetic well being.
  • Our discussions are designed to be inclusive and supportive. We only allow encouraging, compassionate and loving dialogue, providing space for members to feel safe sharing openly and honestly.
  • Every member is beautifully unique, and each journey is treated as such. Not one person has a more difficult path than another, and we pride ourselves in housing a community of compassionate and understanding individuals that support one another in this truth.
  • Our membership is designed to assist you in your healing process and in growing into the person you are meant to be in this world. Like any other course or life path, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.
  • If you are ready to get started making positive changes in your life, and you want to see if our community is the right fit for you, click the “Registration” button below and try us out for 14 days.
  • We are ready for you!!

Choosing to heal takes courage, and we are here for you through

  • The best of times
  • The nearly unbearable times
  • And everything in between!
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