EBDT Personalized Remedy 6 Month Program

EBDT, Free Yourself Through Desensitization, EBDT Program

Join our EBDT Personalized Remedy 6 month Program and receive the following services:

  • Each personalized remedy kit includes:
    • 24 desensitization remedies for the year (to be administered weekly)
    • An EBDT laser with instructions booklet
    • A workbook and journal
  • 2 one-on-one meetings with your EBDT Practitioner
  • 1 Private session with our Registered Dietitian
  • 1 Private session with one of our Spiritual Healers
  • Live online webinars:
    • Weekly Q&A sessions
    • Weekly educational webinars
    • Guest speakers
  • Personalized curriculum (3 modules per month for 6 months)
  • 6 month membership in The Underlying Answers Wellness Community
    • Access to:
      • educational material and meditations
      • interaction with other members through member forums
      • access to our calendar and registration system


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