The Underlying Answers Team

Cindy Costley, EBDT Practioner and Healer 

We all Deserve to Feel Great!


Hello beautiful souls! My name is Cindy Costley, and I am a Trauma Survivor and Mast Cell Thriver, an Electromagnetic Body Desensitization Therapy (EBDT) Practitioner, and a Medical Intuitive. With a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics obtained in 2002, I have spent years coaching individuals to make transformative life changes.

For 34 years, I struggled with severe mast cell issues, often described as “the girl allergic to the world.” At the age of 48, I became extremely ill, embarking on an incredible healing journey that led to my full recovery and a completely new life.

My personal healing journey has enabled me to integrate spiritual and energetic aspects into my coaching, alongside mental, physical, and emotional components. Combining the insights gained from my experience with my expertise as a nutritional counselor, I developed the EBDT desensitization program. This program facilitates healing on a cellular level and helps you understand the messages your body communicates.

As a coach, I am both informative and nurturing, empowering you to take control of your life and health. My clients, often overwhelmed by chronic stress symptoms, seek a new approach to uncover and heal the root causes of their issues. Many feel a deep, unfulfilled longing to achieve more in life but are hindered by the constant need to manage their symptoms. Through my program, clients regain their power and feel safe in the world once again.

Important Note: I do not advocate stopping any medications during my EBDT program. Clients must continue their regular consultations with their doctor while participating in the desensitization program.

Ashley Marshall, Client Success Coach

Ashley Marshall is an Executive Life and Business Coach (CTI & ICF Certified). Ashley was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She graduated from Dalhousie University with a BSc in Therapeutic Recreation. She moved to Alaska after graduating and worked at a Nonprofit providing Rec Therapy for people with Developmental and Physical Disabilities, then moved to California in 2008 to work at a maximum Security Forensic Mental Health Facility. She left the hospital in 2016 because she was assaulted and traumatized by the experience.

Ashley’s personal and professional journeys have helped her understand that leaders at all levels influence the strategic direction of the organization. Her results-oriented practice aims to help individuals understand and realize their personal and professional potential through self-discovery, planning, and action. Understanding time is valuable, Ashley follows the Co-Active approach to coaching, which utilizes an action-oriented framework believing every person is creative, resourceful, and whole. She is a dynamic coach with a proven track record of professional growth with her clients.  

She has 3 boys (5, 5, and 8 years old), and has recently been through a divorce that has taught her many wonderful and difficult life lessons. In 2016 she went back to school and earned CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) certificates.

Ashley loves to mountain bike, hike, camp, hang out with good people, have fun and laugh.

Brenda Goshorn, Registered Dietitian

Brenda Goshorn is a dedicated and compassionate registered dietitian with a passion for improving the health and well-being of her clients. With a specialization in medical nutrition therapy, Brenda has garnered extensive experience in various facets of nutrition, with a particular focus on renal therapy.

Currently serving as a renal dietitian in a dynamic dialysis unit, Brenda brings her expertise to the forefront in addressing the unique nutritional needs of individuals undergoing dialysis treatment. Her role involves developing personalized nutrition plans tailored to each patient’s specific requirements, ensuring optimal management of their renal health.

Brenda‘s professional journey encompasses diverse areas of nutrition practice, including geriatric nutrition, enteral nutrition, and weight loss consulting. Her breadth of experience equips her with a comprehensive understanding of nutritional nuances across different demographics and health conditions.

Driven by a genuine desire to empower her clients, Brenda approaches her work with empathy and commitment. She strives to foster a supportive environment where individuals feel encouraged and motivated on their journey to healing and well-being.

With a steadfast dedication to her profession and a compassionate approach to patient care, Brenda Goshorn continues to make a meaningful impact in the field of nutrition, enriching the lives of those she serves and inspiring positive lifestyle changes for a healthier future.


Celeste Perdue, Certified Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium

Working with Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones who have passed, Celeste Perdue has the profound ability to connect with your soul. Through this connection, she clears blockages caused by trauma and stagnant energy. Her healing sessions not only rejuvenate your spirit but also reconnect you to your sensuality and Divine energy.

After a session with Celeste, clients feel empowered, refreshed, and aligned, ready to move forward in life with renewed vitality and purpose. Her compassionate approach ensures that you are supported and guided on your soul’s path to healing and transformation.

Shaylee Cook, Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner

Shaylee is a natural-born healer with a unique ability to communicate with Spirit and the Universe. This divine connection guides her during the healing process, allowing her to channel energy that aids in the healing of others. Shaylee’s approach is not just about providing healing but empowering her clients to become their own healers. She offers practical tips and tools during her sessions to support clients on their personal healing journeys.

“This is a team effort. I wasn’t meant to be just a healer, but a teacher as well,” Shaylee states.

Her mission is to assist anyone in need and help others uncover their innate ability to self-heal. Shaylee has a wide range of healing abilities, and has been one of Cindy’s healers for several years. She works with The Underlying Answers clients assisting in the guidance of individuals toward greater well-being and spiritual growth.