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Cindy is deeply passionate about helping individuals heal the relationship between their traumas and their emotional and physical challenges.

After suffering from a rare disorder for over 34 years, Cindy knew that her soul was tired of being in her uncomfortable body and it wanted to dance, either here on this Earth or in Heaven. She chose to live and was open to doing it completely different!  Seeking a spiritual counselor, new doctors, and healers, she ventured out on a beautiful healing journey that, over time, allowed her to embrace The Truth of Who She Is. Through her journey, she healed every aspect of her life and is now thriving!

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Cindy has an uncanny ability to listen with an open mind and heart. Her tenacity and quest for a thriving life for not only herself but for all that suffer from trauma is unparalleled I’ve never known someone who is so focused on growth and development combined with absolute self-awareness and being in the moment. Her brilliant business savvy mind, ability to truly listen mixed with her enormous heart equals a teammate for life. 


Ashley Marshall
AE Marshall Associates 

Having Cindy on our podcast has been an incredible journey of interviewing magnificent women. Quite frankly we were thrown back by how amazing Cindy’s story is and the mind-body connection that we as humans have, yet most aren’t quite tapped into just yet. That’s right! We trust you’re going to love this episode, don’t miss out! 


Healthy Regards,

Having Cindy on our Ctrlalthamsa podcast to talk about her story and what a beautiful courageous journey it has been was a gift. Her story hit home for me as I can relate to a few things she went through. It’s instantly courageous to know that someone like her turned her pain into gain and is now inspiring so many people out there to keep searching and looking for answers and never give up. She has truly been an inspiration to our episode and I will always remember her story and how she was able to overcome all that she’s been through. Super proud to have come across Cindy and wishing you always the best of the best.


Warmest Regards,

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