Cindy Costley

Spirituality and Integrative Wellness Coach

Helping You Heal and Step Into Your Power!

Spirituality and Wellness Coaching

Let’s work together so you can surrender, heal, and evolve into the Truth of Who You Are!

Rethink, Re-design and Go Program

Just need a few sessions so you can rethink your healing path with someone that has been through it already? This program is for you!

 HELPING YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS by surrendering all you think you know to be true about you, and learning to listen to all that your HIGHER SELF has been eager to share with you for a long time! 

Start listening to your body and soul, and  Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Your body knows exactly what you need to thrive in life, and it has most likely been screaming at you for years!

It is time to listen.

Cindy will teach you how to tap into your Higher Consciousness  and listen for the answers so you can heal all aspects of your life and learn to manifest all you desire.

Learn to listen to the wisdom of your Soul.

Heal your traumas so you can let go of the past and create the future you desire.

Find the perfect healing modalities for your particular challenges so you can fully heal.

Get in touch with the emotions in your body so you can know and love every aspect of yourself.

What Is Spirituality and Integrative Wellness Coaching?

Throughout Cindy’s personal and professional life she has come to realize that healing occurs when one chooses to fully surrender everything they think they believe about their health challenges, and open up to a whole new way of thinking. It has become clear that true healing happens when one focuses on The Underlying Answers when it comes to the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Energetic aspects of life.

Our past traumas can lead to trapped emotions in the body, that as time goes by, can do much damage physically and emotionally. By choosing to be brave and heal your trauma, you can release years worth of damaging emotions, replacing that energy with love and light, which heals from the inside out. In addition, it is vital that one seek answers from within when it comes to the right and effective healing modalities for their own situaition. We are all so unique and special. And, we each require unique practices to heal. When we fall prey to the “one magic pill, medication, herb, treatment etc.”  we are basing our decisions for our health on the hope that it will help us too, rather than basing our decisions on what we know our particular body needs/wants.

Cindy will work with you as you learn to listen to your body and your Higher Self in finding the individual tools that will help you heal and thrive. She will also teach you tools and techniques to help you heal yourself on a cellular level, which is a key aspect to healing. What you say to yourself daily, verbally and non verbally, will make a huge difference in how fast you heal, or even if you heal.

Cindy’s coaching program is designed to walk you through the healing process and help you integrate a new way of thinking and living so you can heal and evolve into the person you were meant to be in this world. “I used to think I was always going to be ‘the girl allergic to the world’. Now I know that was just my old story. Instead I am a thriving, healthy, beautiful soul that has many gifts to offer this world! And, I am excited that I get to help you heal and embrace that part of you as well.”

Whether you are healing from years worth of past traumas and dis-ease, or you are getting a jump on healing a recent truamatic experience or illness,  I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to help you release it all, step into your power, and become all you are meant to be in this world!

Mental Aspects of Healing

Our brains are extremely powerful! In Cindy’s healing process she learned that in order to fully heal, she had to turn off her analyzer  and move into the place within her that pure wholeness and oneness exists. Cindy will help you understand the correlation between your thinking brain and all other aspects of healing.

Emotional Aspects of Healing

Cindy will help you understand the correlation between your emotions and all other aspects of your body. We will focus on getting in touch with, and clearing, trapped emotions from your body. You will learn how to use listen to what your body is trying to tell you when it comes to your emotions, and how to use all that you feel to serve your Highest Good.

Physical Aspects of Healing

We will focus on your physical condition and what your illness, dis-ease or pain might be trying to tell you. We will set daily practices in place to be a better listener of your body and begin to make changes that will help you heal and reveal your Truth. Our check-ins will assist you in being accountable to your goals as you move closer and closer to a full and complete healing!

Spiritual Aspects of Healing

Helping you get closer to the Truth of Who You Are through meditation, prayer, conversations with your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides is a very important aspect in ones healing process. It is important to note that I tailor my coaching to meet the individual needs and practices of my clients. We only discuss what you are comfortable talking about when it comes to spirituality/religion.

Energetic Aspects of Healing

Energy is everywhere, and each of the four aspects of healing evolve around energy. Learning to use it to your advantage is a key aspect to healing. In addition, if you are an empath, you must learn to protect your energy and find ways to block yourself from taking on other peoples energy. This step is so important as everything you do and think is energy, including your emotions and physical pain and suffering.

About Me

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Cindy Costley and I am an Integrative Wellness Coach, Trauma Survivor, Author, and Entrepreneur. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics degree in 2002, and have been coaching individuals and helping them make powerful life changes ever since.

For 34 years I also dealt with severe health challenges, and was often described as “the girl allergic to the world”. At the age of 49 I became very ill and started down an amazing healing journey that has led to a full healing and a powerful spiritual awakening. My journey has helped me incorporate the spiritual and energetic aspects of healing into my coaching, in addition to the physical and emotional components. It has also provided me with a wealth of information on the various healing modalities that are available to assist those individuals that are stepping into bravery and also saying “Yes” to a full and complete healing. My coaching style is informative and nurturing, as I empower individuals to take control of their lives and heal physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

I work primarily with individuals who are tired of suffering or feeling like there is so much more they are supposed to be doing in this lifetime, but simply don’t know how to get out of the mud they are currently stuck in; Individuals that have chronic illnesses, have had recent or past traumas, have high stress in their daily lives or have an ongoing ache in the core of their being that they are unique and have gifts that they just don’t know how to access.

Individuals that join The Underlying Answers Membership or Coaching program are willing to look deep inside themselves and put in the hard work to find the Underlying Answers to all their questions, so they can take back their lives and become more of who they are meant to be in this world.

Online Coaching Resources

Single Coaching Session

Purchase a one-hour session with Cindy. We can create a plan of action for your healing journey or we can discuss any topic of your choice. These sessions will be focused on helping you move forward in your healing process. Cindy will listen to you, teach you, guide you, mentor you, and cheer you on, but remember that these sessions are only beneficial if you are willing to do the work outside of our session – You are a true hero in your story, as you are the brave one saying YES to healing and living a joy-filled life!

3 Months of Personalized Coaching

In these three months together we will focus on creating a plan of action for your healing journey, and Cindy will assist you in implementing the plan into your everyday life. You will meet with Cindy privately twice a month for 1.5 hours and meet with a small group of no more than 5 people for 30 minutes a day (Monday – Friday). The small group sessions are facilitated by Cindy and include a meditation and  “Todays Purpose and Accountability” discussion.  Cindy also makes herself available for reasonably urgent conversations at no additional cost for this package only.

NOTE: Cindy only takes five of these clients at a time as it is a very personalized program.

Choose You. Because You Matter.

Choose You. Every Single Day.

Chose You, and Watch Your Magnificance Unfold.  

In today’s fast paced environment, it is seeminly difficult to pause and choose you. Whether you have a family or a job that continues to take you away from taking care of you, now is the time to STOP THAT PATTERN. Only YOU can make the choice to start prioritizing your health and well being as much as (or more than) everyone and everything else in your life.

But I can help you make it happen! 

I waited until I was almost dead before I chose to heal. Don’t be like me. BE BETTER! 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your New Path Today!

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