Cindy Costley

EBDT Founder and Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach

Helping You Take Control of Your Body and Your Life!

Wellness Coaching Package


Personalize your healing journey with one-on-one coaching sessions with Cindy Costley.

  • Receive two 60-minute coaching sessions a month with Cindy
  • Dive deep into all aspects of your healing (sessions may include loved ones)
  • The sessions are tailored to fit  your specific challenges and lifestyle
  •  Enjoy the benefits of unlimited email questions each month
  • Full access to our Wellness Community Membership during coaching months
  • Private coaching is different than the EBDT program in that it includes emotional support and one-on-one interaction with Cindy
 HELPING YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS by surrendering all you think you know to be true about you, and learning to listen to all that your HIGHER SELF has been eager to share with you for a long time!

Start listening to your body and soul, and  Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Your body knows exactly what you need to thrive in life, and it has been screaming at you to listen! You are not just experiencing random “symptoms”, your body is actually trying to tell you something.

And It’s time to listen.

In Cindy’s Coaching program, you will learn how to tap into your Higher Consciousness and listen to what your body has been trying to tell you all along. We focus on healing The Underlying Answers behind your chronic stress symptoms as you say “Yes To The Truth Of Who You Are”.

Learn to listen to the wisdom of your Soul.

Focus on your traumas and trapped emotions so that your body can stop being constantly triggered.

Learn to re-code your body and how it responds to all of life.

Learn to decipher whether your reactions are physical, emotional, mental or energetic, and learn tools to manage your reactions based on the type.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally, as you get in touch with every aspect of your beautiful body and soul.

Gain a clear understanding of what is happening in your body with each undesired symptom.

Become your own best advocate!

What Is Wellness Coaching?

Throughout Cindy’s personal and professional life she has come to realize that healing occurs when one chooses to fully surrender everything they think they believe about their health challenges, and open up to a whole new way of thinking. It has become clear that true healing happens when one focuses on The Underlying Answers when it comes to the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Energetic aspects of life. Cindy will work with you as you gain control of your allergic reactions and begin to you heal the underlying reasons behind them, as you also learn to manage and reduce your current reactions.

NOTE: I am not a trauma specialist. I will assist you in finding the right resources to heal your trauma, as we work together on the other aspects of your mast cell healing journey. In addition, I recommend that you maintain all your appointments with your primary doctor and/or specialist(s) throughout my program. This is not a substitute for your care, it is in addition to the care you are already receiving.

Mental Aspects of Healing

Our brains are extremely powerful! In Cindy’s healing process she learned that in order to fully heal, she had to turn off her analyzer and move into the place within her where pure wholeness and oneness exists. Cindy will help you understand the correlation between your thinking brain and all other aspects of healing.

Emotional Aspects of Healing

Cindy will help you understand the correlation between your emotions and all other aspects of your body. You will focus on getting in touch with, and clearing, trapped emotions from your body. You will learn how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you when it comes to your emotions, and how to process your feelings in a healthy way rather than through your physical body.

Physical Aspects of Healing

You will focus on your physical condition and what your illness, dis-ease, or pain might be trying to tell you. You will set daily practices in place to be a better listener of your body and begin to make changes that will help you heal and reveal your Truth. This is where you will focus on the brain-gut relationship, managing your allergic reactions as they occur, and reducing the number of reactions you have while you heal the underlying reasons for the reactions. 

Spiritual Aspects of Healing

Helping you get closer to the Truth of Who You Are through meditation, prayer, conversations with your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides is a very important aspect in ones healing process. It is important to note that I tailor my coaching to meet the individual needs and practices of my clients. We only discuss what you are comfortable talking about when it comes to spirituality/religion.

Energetic Aspects of Healing

Energy is everywhere, and each of the other four aspects of healing evolves around energy. Learning to use it to your advantage is a key aspect of healing. In addition, if you are an empath, you must learn to protect your energy and find ways to block yourself from taking on other people’s energy. This step is important as everything you do and think is energy, including your emotions and physical pain and suffering.

“Cindy is a genuine, caring person with a beautiful ray of sunshine around her.

Her knowledge in the field and the fact that she has been through it give me so much hope!”

Carina G (Client)

Cindy has an uncanny ability to listen with an open mind and heart. Her tenacity and quest for a thriving life, for not only herself, but for all who suffer from trauma is unparalleled.  I’ve never known someone who is so focused on growth and development combined with absolute self-awareness and being in the moment. Her brilliant business savvy mind, ability to truly listen mixed with her enormous heart equals a teammate for life. 


Ashley Marshall
AE Marshall Associates (Business Coach) 

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