Shaylee Cook

Hello, My name is Shaylee, and as a spiritual coach, I am blessed to assist you as you heal, grow and develop your spiritual gifts.

My spiritual journey started at an incredibly young age, and has developed over the years. Starting at age three I was seeing loved ones that had long passed. Then at age 10 I had the most profound experience, which brought in the true realization that I was actually human. I was sitting at my desk, not paying attention and zoning out as kids do. I started to feel a buzzing around me, and my vision started to blur. I looked at my hands and moved my fingers around, gasping as I could not believe I had fingers. Touching my desk to feel the smooth wood against my fingertips, I thought to myself “I am alive!” I took a deep breath and suddenly realized “oh my God I am breathing! Do I even know how to breath?!” I grabbed my chest and took some fast breaths. When I was finally able to control my breathing, I looked around my classroom and I noticed time had not moved. I remember in that moment whispering, “I am human.”

From that day on I knew there was more to the world around us, and I was different. The older I got the more I was seeing, hearing, and experiencing. I would sometimes get weird feelings in my chest when something was about to go wrong. I knew things about people that they had never told anyone. A lot of people would have thought that is amazing! I wish I could do that! For me though, it made me feel isolated and alone. I would ask my classmates in high school if they knew of anyone who could do stuff like what I was experiencing. It was the same answer every time, no. Ultimately I shut off my gifts because I thought maybe something was wrong with me or that I was crazy.

As time went on, I had a continuous feeling that something was missing in my life, as if there was a string tied to my heart and I was searching for the other side of the string. My human brain believed it was a soul mate, and because of this I had many failed relationships. I then started to believe that maybe what I was searching for did not exist. After another failed relationship I decided to do some real soul searching. Once I started asking the right questions, and truly was ready to hear the answers, I was given a clear vision of what I needed to do. This time I didn’t hesitate to accept my gifts, and I began telling the world who I truly was! I am forever grateful for that defining moment that I recognized the missing piece I had been looking for all along was me!

I said yes to my gifts and jumped head first into this amazingly wonderful spiritual journey that I am currently on. My abilities grow stronger each day as I continue to awaken individuals that are also ready to heal, open and accept their own gifts. I am so blessed to now work daily on my true calling; my energy work.

I have awakened the ability to manipulate energy around me, which has developed into what we call quantum healing. I have adjusted many people’s energy over my journey, but overtime I started noticing it was only a quick fix, and that there was something I was missing with my adjustments.

After sitting down and channeling with my guides. I had a vision of millions of people going through an awakening, but most were very lost and confused as to what was happening. It has become clear to me that my task is now to guide individuals through an awakening so you can see that which already exists within you, but has been forgotten.

My Energy Work

How does my energy work benefit you in this group?

Through a group guided meditation I can take a class back through the energy timeline, to bring forth what is preventing you from moving forward. From there I will be able to give steps, on how to release the energy that is negatively impacting your life. Some people may already know the root of your problems, but through the guided meditation I can bring forth other unbalanced energy that can contribute to the problem.

Everyone can selfheal; the ability remains dormant in your brain.

  • Self-healing is the process where you can use your own energy to balance out what is causing havoc in your energy field/physical body. Most individuals have no idea that you have such an ability, but my gifts can help awaken and guide you on how to adjust your energy and maintain it.
  • If you feel stuck with any of the adjustments I can go through and remove any blocks or attachments that you cannot do yourself.
  • I will give you homework to help aid the adjustment process. This is an important part of your healing journey. If you can not take the time out of class to continue the journey, your adjustment progress could slow or stop completely.

Many factors can come into the reason why someone could have imbalanced energy. Trauma from this current life, trauma from a past life, karmic debt from another life, or you could have abilities that are trying to come forth. Therefore, it is so important to have your emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic fields all in alignment. When one is off, they are all off.

Below is the list of services I can offer to help guide and maintain your healing journey.

  • Element Reading and Balancing
  • Claiming Your Abilities
  • Light Activation
  • Acknowledgment Reading
  • Channeling Session
  • Energy Activation Cleanse
  • Removal of Blocks and Attachments
  • Soul Reading
  • Past life Reading Package
  • Energy Readings
  • Psychic Reading
  • Quantum Healing