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This is a very tough blog to write. However, I promised myself that if I were to do this, write my story and let others learn, grow and heal from my experiences, I would be completely open and honest about everything. I would be unapologetically Me! 

After the rape at age 15, I met a true gentleman that showed me nothing but respect and love. He never tried anything with me, and our relationship remained very platonic the entire year and a half that we were “boyfriend and girlfriend”. Thank you Shawn! It was wonderful, and exactly what I needed at the time. However, once the relationship ended my insecurities came flooding back in, even with the help of a counselor. When I met Doug, I knew he was not good for me. I knew he was a partier, and I definitely was not. We went out a few times, and I ended up getting pregnant. Yes, pregnant at age 17. For many reasons, namely my dad’s concern for the poor health I was in and the fact that Doug was a drug addict, I was offered an ultimatum to get an abortion or move out. Let’s just say I did not become a mom until age 24. Now, please don’t judge, my dad was an amazing man and tortured himself enough over all of this! Not to mention, he died a few years later, and as it was, he thought that his cancer was God’s punishment for what he made me do. Luckily we squared away that myth before he left us. After much therapy and talks with my dad, we were able to heal this between us. 

So, why am I sharing this story with all of you? How is this relevant enough that I am sharing it with the world and risking criticism? Well yesterday I learned that I had been exposed to Hepatitis C. I did not have the disease, but my body held the energy of it from Doug, and it has been the main cause behind the burning in my skin. Now, I had been tested in my 20’s for all sexual diseases because I had learned that Doug’s drug habits were not good for his health. But this still definitely surprised me! All these years, the energy has been in my body – yuck! All these years of Doug being a contributing factor to the severity of my health issues. So crazy and hard to wrap my head around!

But this story is so important for all of us to understand. You see, I didn’t get hepatitis C (thank you God). But the mere exposure of it to my body made a lasting impression – in a very unhealthy way. Had I known how energy affects us in every way, and how NAET can help to minimize the challenges that come from these energy imbalances, I could have reduced the level of suffering many years prior!

As for the abortion, Dr. Gary and Grace had cleared me from that event a year or so ago, before I started tracking the viles. I do, however, remember a few of them: Embarrassment, shame, and uterus. Since he has cleared me of this event in my life, I have been more able to discuss it openly. I do think about the criticism that may come from the haters, but I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed about it. It was a part of my past, and that is that. I am clear that I am the Me I am today because of EVERY PART OF MY PAST, not just the good parts. And I am darn proud to be the ME I am today! I hope that you, too, can learn to be unapologetically You!