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Choosing to heal takes courage and the willingness to make changes. I realized a few years ago that if I am choosing to heal but continue doing the same things I have tried over the past 37 years, then I am nothing more than a hamster on my wheel of life – going nowhere fast. I knew that if I were to choose life – and yes, at the time I knew I was choosing between life and death , then I needed to be bold and willing to do ALL that it takes to heal. But how, and what would it look like? 

Looking back at my life over the past 34 years (prior to starting to get answers and heal), and comparing my day-to-day activities to the past three years, it is hard to believe that I did not get to the point of a life-threatening dis-ease much earlier in life.  For the past 10 years prior to 2017, I was a workaholic, putting in 10-14 hours per day as I built my business. Sitting most of the day at a desk and in front of a computer, I rarely gave myself a break. Prior to that I worked full time and raised three active kids. In addition, I rarely connected with Mother Earth, afraid of touching nearly everything she offers including grass, dirt, plants, and definitely not animals. I thought I ate well, but now realize that staying away from the foods I was allergic to, did not mean I ate healthy. I had very few healthy boundaries unless my body forced me to have some by breaking down, which happened quite often. Self care – what was that? When I was ill, I stayed down and slept a lot, as I was forced to. Yet that just made me go that much harder and faster once I was back on my feet. Without a fuss, mine and my husbands parents and siblings often stepped in to help out when I was down and out and Derek was working. We managed the chaos, but now I realize it was at the expense of my health and well-being. In reality I just survived my days, instead of managing them with purpose. 

Once I realized I my life was in danger, I knew I needed to make some drastic changes. We moved to the beach as the doctor had been suggesting for 7 years. He said I needed to be away from the hills where I lived at the time. I cut my work hours and worked from home as often as I could. I began to meditate, walk on the beach, listen to positive affirmations and church sermons (for me that is Agape – daily. I listened to books on tape such as Joe Dispenza’s book called “You are the Placebo”, and blasted Karen Druckers healing music every chance I could. I began to educate myself to understand what was actually happening to my body, compared to what I was conditioned to believe all my life – that it is just extreme allergies and nothing can be done for it. Currently I am also meeting regularly with a few woman that are also choosing a magnificent life. We meditate, discuss our week, set goals together, and support one another in our life’s journeys. I am actually spending much of my free time each week on me for the first time in my life and it is wonderful.

I am in awe of the changes I have been willing to make, and encourage all my readers to understand, that you too are worth making drastic changes for your well being! In fact, I encourage you to make changes BEFORE you are forced to by having to chose between life and death. 

Now, if you are panicking at the many changes I have made, please remember that everything is a process! Yes, in the beginning after moving to the beach I went all out infiltrating my life with positive thoughts, songs, books, sermons and more. I needed to change my thought process that I was dying, and choose love, hope and health.

In addition, you may not be in the same place as I am in life. You may still have children at home or are a caregiver for another family member, so it is important to make the changes that make sense for your life and work for you. With that being said, please, please, please make sure you prioritize you, and not just everyone around you! 

The key is to remember that, although change is necessary to heal, you can do it at your pace, in your timing, and in a way that works for you! So I am gently nudging you to begin the process of healthy change – whatever that looks like for you! 

Actually, what I really want is to strongly push you toward making those changes in your life, but I will refrain, as I know this is your process 🙂 

Peace and love as you CHOOSE health and begin making the wonderful changes that will get you where you want to be in life!