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My healing process has evolved over time. Unraveling one layer after another, I now realize it has all happened in perfect timing. In the beginning of my journey I focused on survival. Literally having to take a nap every four hours as my adrenals were barely producing cortisol. In fact, I was producing a a rate of .4%, which is extremely dangerous, especially for someone that would most likely be allergic to synthetic cortisol. That one aspect of my health alone was life and death. 

While I rested and focused on getting my cortisol counts up, the doctor worked on reducing my allergic reactions so my entire system could catch a break. I did a gut rest for several weeks, starting off with a bone broth diet and slowly integrating very low histamine foods. For a year following the gut rest, my diet consisted of only a few items that were “safe” for me to eat, and I rarely even left the house. I stayed away from anything and anyone that may have caused an allergic reaction, including animals, plant life, chemicals such as perfumes etc. The first year was truly a process of recovery and giving my body a break. My husband and I even moved to the beach, removing all carpet and drapery out of our house (my dust mite allergen counts were 500x the average persons). During that year I integrated many healing tools such as meditation, walks on the beach, affirmations, and appointments with doctors and spiritual healers.

It was in the second year that I met with an MD that specialized in auto-immune disorders, and was introduced to NAET.  Over the next few months I began to learn how my trauma was the underlying answer to all the years of suffering, and we started unraveling one aspect of my life at at time. After about 9 months of doing NAET, along with other modalities of healing, I found myself doing very well physically and mentally. I even went on a business trip to Chicago and then surprised my daughter in Washington for Mothers Day. I thought I was healed and that I was finally getting my life back! 

Until two days upon my return from Washington, when I broke out in a crazy rash all over my body. That reaction sent me down a rabbit hole of suffering tremendously for three months until we found out it was caused from another trauma at age 6. I had completely suppressed this trauma and my body was now releasing the rage and fury through my skin!

Seven months after what I call my “Mothers Day Break Out”, the rashes cleared and I knew I was truly healed from the trauma. Event though I am still working with the NAET doctor on clearing out certain aspects of the trauma, the pain and anger of it is out of my body. I have not had any rashes in four months – possibly the longest I have gone without a breakout in over 37 years! 

I still have a road ahead of me. Dealing with many years of allergic reactions took a toll on my body, and now it is time to heal the imbalances caused from years of suffering. But I am 60% greater than I was last year and that is HUGE! So, now that I am doing much better, feeling stronger, and getting out in the world a bit, I am seeing that it is now time to start healing other aspects of my life as well. 

For eleven years I have owned and operated my own small business. I have one amazing employee that throughout my illness, has always stepped up to help keep the doors of the business open. And she has rocked It! 

However, I did not rock it, In fact I blew it. And now it is time to fix it. I have some clean up to do, and I am excited to face it head-on and eyes wide open. During my illness I put my head in the sand. I do not judge it. I give myself grace because it was truly all I could do just to survive each day.  And, now I get to handle my shit! Scary? Oh yes! But it is time. I had an appointment yesterday that had me face the issue directly. It was horrible, and wonderful, all at once, because it feels good to address it. And now I move on with a plan. Why am I telling you, you might ask? Because this is real life. This is the stuff people face everyday, and if my story can help your story, then it is all worth it! 

Throughout each step above, I asked God to guide me. I continued to YES my healing asking Spirit to show me what was next. It is absolutely amazing how the answers were always revealed to me in perfect timing. Did I wish sometimes it went faster, or didn’t take as long? Yes. Did I wish that it didn’t take three months of severe suffering from rashes before we found out that the rashes were my bodies way of releasing another trauma. Of course! But I have found that everything has happened when I was ready to hear it or heal it. So I also trust that there was a reason it took three months. In trusting I have learned that I don’t have to have all the answers, and that feels so good.  

What is next to heal is yet to be revealed. I have learned to trust each step. To stay in the moment and face each step with bravery and confidence. I know that amazing things are happening in my life. And, that through patience and living in the moment, everything is perfect. 

I encourage you to YES your healing with trust and bravery! Let your process unravel in its own perfect timing. Take on each day knowing that divine healing is occurring. Ask Spirit to guide you, and listen for the answers.