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Healing is not linear. And unless Spirit sends a miraculous healing your way, it is a process that happens over time. There are often many individuals that take part in assisting with one’s healing, and these Badass Beings can be found in the seen and the unseen worlds. 

From the moment I started Yes’ing my healing, I have had an incredible team of people working with me, and they all showed up in perfect divine timing. I say divine timing because I often wanted things to happen faster, sooner etc. Yet, I waited patiently. And guess what? Every damn time it made perfect sense as to why it was happening at that particular time! 

When I first Yes’d my healing, I was led to work with a local Spiritual Coach, Keya Murphy. She gave me the gift of opening up into my spiritual path. She taught me many lessons about Self, and also conducted healings on me. I was suffering tremendously during that time with rashes and her healings always gave me some reprieve from the pain. During that first year I was also working with a wonderful Functional Doctor.

Around September of the first year, I decided it was time to find an MD that took my insurance and, with little effort, I came across Dr. Palinasamy, a specialist in auto immune disorders. He too was a functional doctor that studied at Harvard and completed his residency at Stanford. However, his treatments were all holistic! I ended up getting on his wait list and set an appointment for January. In December of that year I could also feel that it was time to take a break from Keya. I didn’t know why. I loved her, and I loved our sessions! Yet I listened. Then in January I had an appointment with Lynn Austin, a Psychic Healer. My niece had suggested I see her and I had been on her wait list also since September. Those two appointments changed EVERYTHING for me! 

Dr. Palinasamy told me to immediately start doing NAET upon my return home (this appointment was 6 hours from home). Lynn Austin said many things that absolutely blew my mind, but in a nut shell, she told me that all the allergic reactions were caused from trauma. Trauma! Trauma? That day was the first I had heard of the correlation between my health issues and trauma from my childhood. Lynn also showed me what was possible from the stand point of energy, as during my appointment I was riddled with rashes from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was on. The very next day the rashes were completely GONE! Now let me blow your mind by telling you that our appointment was over the phone. Yes, over the phone! I knew in that moment that if she could clear my rashes over the phone, I just had to learn more about the effects of energy and its relationship to our bodies and healing. 

Upon returning home, I immediately began NAET treatments and going deeper into meditation speaking regularly with my Guides. Both of which changed the trajectory of my healing process. And as I continued to say Yes, I also continued to be introduced to the perfect practitioner for my needs every… step… of… the… way! 

Massage therapists, hypnotherapists, spiritual teachers, NAET practitioners, chiropractors, and other professionals would just show up EVERY SINGLE TIME I asked for something specific! Why is that? Because my Badass Guides and Angels were showing me – and I was listening! 

As Reverand Michael Beckwith has always said “The Universe is for us, and never against us”. Spirit is always here waiting for you to Yes your healing and your Truth. God is patiently waiting to send you your own team of Badass healers. Are you asking for help? if so, are you patiently listening for answers?