Let The Magic Unfold

by | Mar 29, 2021 | A New Outlook, All Posts, An Underlying Cause | 1 comment

“Trust the timing of your life. Keep focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, be kind, and follow your heart. Doors will open effortlessly, but first you have to be ready to walk through.”
― Brittany Burgunder

This week has been particularly difficult for me in several ways. More physical reactions, more clearing, more lessons, more tears, and much exhaustion. And, as I pushed through to the other side, once again trusting in the process, magnificence unfolded and divine truth emerged – once again.

Big decisions were made this week that freed me physically and emotionally. And, as difficult as it was to make those decisions, I did not waver in my path, as I have learned to fully trust the Universe and Spirit in all that is unfolding in my life.

Since the moment I began to say “YES” to being shown the Truth of Who I Am, and fully surrendered to all that is possible and meant to be for me, I have been given the answers and are being shown the way to a full and complete healing. I have also bravely forged through the toughest of times trusting each step of the way.

Have I made mistakes? Of course. Has it been excruciatingly tough at times? Unfortunately yes. Did I ever want to quit? Yes – last week was one of those times. Did I quit or give up? HELL NO – I know I am worth more than a life of suffering, and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. I find my warrior strength, remember that I am much more than my physical body, and I keep moving forward.

And it is in those moments of pushing through even the toughest of times, like last week, that the magic happens!

Last week Truth revealed itself, and I could clearly see that certain aspects of my life are no longer working for my highest good. It is time to let go – again. It is time to take another big leap of faith and choose me.

Although I cannot discuss the exact situations just yet, I will say that over this past week it became clear that I was protecting others over myself, as I have done for the past 37 years. And it is time to let go.

This is a very different situation, as the individuals I protected for 37 years were my perpetrators. So this time I could not see that, although these individuals are some of the most beautiful souls I know, I was protecting their hearts over mine. I was staying in a situation to protect them instead of doing what I have known for a couple of months was best for me and my health. And, by not listening to myself, I was creating unnecessary health problems.

In fact, the moment I made my decision and spoke my truth, all the congestion and pressure I was experiencing in my head went away! Poof – gone. So what I thought was another possible sinus infection or allergic reaction, was truly just stuck energy. It was blocked energy that, for me, has a tendency to manifest in a physical reaction (aka allergic reaction) until I heal whatever is causing the blockage.

The beauty in all of this is that as I am healing, as I am growing, and as I am opening spiritually, I am also gaining control of my entire life. I am becoming empowered to stand in my truth and do what is best for me and my well-being.

The Universe is guiding me to heal ALL aspects of my life. And, this journey I am on, although very difficult at times, is so beautiful as I watch all that is happening unfold in perfect Diving timing.

This is not just my truth. Spirit is not just supporting me in this journey through life. This is your truth as well. Begin asking to be shown the Truth of Who You Are each day in meditation and watch your Divine Self unfold as your life magically transforms.