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My dear friend Shirley. An 89 year old that taught me so much in a very short period of time. Shirley’s story is to be saved for another day, as it is a miracle in itself and deserves a blog of its own. But today I want to discuss how this beautiful 89 year olds transition to the heavens allowed me to heal in a way I never would have imagined.

In Shirley’s last two weeks of life she became very combative, and her caregivers had a tough time managing her in the home. Shirley didn’t want to take any medications, but the cancer was effecting her brain and hospice informed me that we were going to have to medicate her or put her in a home. The tough decision was made to give her medications that would calm her and allow her to stay home, but never did I realize that she would become a completely different person. Medicated, we no longer were able to hold loving conversations or discuss her wants and desires. In fact, she went from making all her own decisions to not knowing who I was or what was happening, all in a matter of days.

In the last week of her life I spent hours a day with Shirley hoping to see just a little bit of the strong woman I once knew. During that time I also started experiencing severe nasal congestion, and chalked it up to “allergies”.

Fast forward, a week or so after Shirley passed, my spiritual teacher, Shaylee, suggested that the nasal congestion was caused from a trigger due to Shirley being medicated. I thought it was an interesting concept, and, did nothing about it. Aren’t we humans funny 🙂

Two months after Shirleys death, and still dealing with the same extremely annoying congestion, I spoke with another friend Jessica. She is also a healer, and she told me the same thing!!! She said that the congestion was caused by a trigger from Shirleys last week of life. Although she didn’t mention the medications, I knew thats what is was because of Shaylee’s previous comments. That was when I knew it was time to deal with it.

So, I sat down in meditation and this is what happened:

  1. I first broke into tears that came from the depths of my soul as I talked to Shirley and told her how sorry I was that we drugged her.
  2. Once the tears began to subside I said “I love you Shirley, (pause) and I love me too”. That was the moment I started to remember all the times I drugged myself or drank alcohol to mask the pain I was experiencing.
  3. Next I journaled about my meditation experience, and as I was writing I realized there was more to process.
  4. Going back into meditation, I immediately started visualizing all the times I went to the doctors office full of rashes, or barely able to catch a breath. I saw the doctors giving me one steroid shot, antibiotic, or pill after another. It was as if all those visits flashed in front of my eyes and I realized that for 37 years they (the doctors) never once stopped long enough to look at the underlying reasons behind my “allergies’. They just made it all go away (very temporarily) by giving me the quick fix of the day.

Here’s the miracle and lesson in my story – Within 20 minutes of completing the meditation – all my sinus congestion disappeared. It was as if I never had it in the first place!

Fast forward two weeks later and some of my sinus congestion came back again. It was not nearly as bad, but definitely still very annoying. I spoke with Shaylee and she told me that my Guides were telling her it was a blockage that had to do with my mom. We discussed my relationship with my mother, which is very positive and loving. And suddenly it clicked, “my mom was another aspect in the trigger. “

My amazing mother spent much of her life searching for the right product or healing modality that would take my suffering away. She even became a naturopath so she could help others heal, and never gave up on finding the right solution for my health issues. As beautiful, noble and wonderful as that is, she also came across many ‘wonder herbs or products” that could seemingly fix everything, and I tried them all.

So you can see that over the years I took advantage of many natural remedies and western medications that were meant to fix the symptoms, not necessarily the reasons behind all my “allergies”. With each new medication, herb or process I covered up the pain and suffering and sought the easy way out:

  1. Drugs and alcohol (this stopped around the age of 25, as I became allergic to everything – including my vices).
  2. Western medications that were meant to reduce the suffering in the moment but never focused on the cause.
  3. Holistic modalities and herbal remedies that were the latest miracle workers and could heal almost anything.

Don’t get me wrong, western medicine and holistic remedies have been a VERY important part of my healing process. But I still had to go through the steps and heal what caused it all. I had to heal my trauma and be willing to dive deep into the underlying answers behind my mast cell disorder.

The reality is that Doing the hard work and being willing to heal all aspects of my life is the reason that I have been able to fully heal and thrive! In fact, it is the reason I am alive today. As much as we all want our problems to go away fast and easy, the truth is that for most of us, we can’t cut corners or escape the inevitable when it comes to living a joyous, healthy, abundant life!