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Up until the past three years, I have thought of the term “Manifest” as something that needs to be done. Something to strive for and practice in your everyday life. What I have come to realize is that we are all manifesting all the time! With every thought, we are manifesting. With every action, we are manifesting. 

Let me state here that I do not believe that our thoughts and actions create illness, and that if you are sick or have health problems (severe or mild) that you are creating them. There are many factors (underlying answers) as to why one becomes ill, and every story is unique and non linear. I do know, however, that what you think about your illness, how you talk to yourself and others about your illness, can make a huge difference in your healing process. This is where manifestation comes into play!

I can look back now and realize that I have “manifested” a great life through my desire to have fun and be positive no matter what life through at me. Even with all the health issues, I have always focused on staying positive, open minded, and grateful for the life I have. Through the most difficult times, I just new I was going to get through it. I would lay in bed ill knowing I would soon be back on my feet. The health and strength of my immune system was dependent on my believing that my body had everything it needed to recover from any given allergic reaction or illness. My brother used to remind me when I was sick to picture my white blood cells actually eating away the various bacterial infections in my body. There is no doubt in my mind that visualizing and affirming wellness assisted in my healing process each time I was knocked down. 

Then in my 40’s the level of stress in my life was extremely high, and the allergic reactions increased so much that I found myself struggling to stay positive and believe that my body could handle it all. Over time, I found myself doubting for the first time in my life. Eventually I even became riddled with fear that my body was not strong enough to handle the level of reactions I was suddenly experiencing. Then the more reactions I had, the more I affirmed that truth. And suddenly I found myself giving up…

…Until I called bullshit on myself and began to Yes my healing! Along with taking all the necessary steps towards wellness, I infiltrated my life with positive affirmations, songs, prayers, and sermons. In the first year, I saturated my mind with beliefs about what was possible for me, and I began manifesting healing into my life. The more I said Yes, the more I was introduced to the perfect doctor/healer/teacher/ and so forth. 

This past three years has shown me the true power of manifestation in that we manifest what we truly believe and feel, not just what we say we want. The more I have worked on myself and believed in the Truth of who I am, the more it has manifested. The more work I have done to show the Universe that I believe in myself, and I know that my life is not just meant to be one of suffering, but instead one of helping others through the gifts I bring into this world, the more I am manifesting that Truth. 

Each day I now affirm the light I am in this world, and as I continue to Yes the unfolding of this Truth, the more I see it manifesting. I am through the darkest and most difficult of times. I have manifested a true healing of all aspects of my life, and it feels so damn good! Now I am manifesting how I will use my story and my gifts to help others heal. 

It is important to know that manifesting shows up in big ways like I mentioned above, and in small ways every day as well, When I woke up yesterday I found out that my friend had to cancel a play date we had set up. So immediately I thought about all the things I needed to get done. Disappointed, I began to plan out what I would do first. Suddenly I stopped and realized that I REALLY NEEDED and WANTED to have some fun in my day as originally planned. Out loud I spoke to my Guides asking them to help bring some fun into my day. Literally minutes later  I received a phone call offering me tickets to a local country western festival! So cool! Country music is my favorite and there is nothing like being outside in the beautiful hills listening to my favorite music with friends! 

Then as I was leaving for the concert, I looked all over the house for my prescription sunglasses. I could not find them anywhere! Finally, after ten minutes, I stopped myself from the exasperated mode I was in and thought “what am I doing? I know how to handle this”. I took at deep breath, connected with Source, and spoke out loud again asking that my Angels and Guides please show me where my glasses were. I instantly turned my head and looked directly at them. They had fallen and were stuck in a crevice in my bakers rack. 

Lastly, when we arrived at the concert, we had waited about 30 minutes to get up to the preferred parking area since we had a special pass. Once we arrived, they told us that we had to go back down because the lot had just filled up. They said we needed to go to the local high school and take a shuttle bus back to the event. There were three of us in the car and we each simultaneously started to pray in our own ways for a spot to open up. As we moved forward prepared to turn the car around, a gentlemen moved the cones that blocked us from entering the parking lot, and he left, leaving us a spot to park in! This saved us at least an hour! 

Manifestation is powerful: Is your self talk supporting your goals and desires for the kind of life you want to lead? Do you believe that what you are asking for is truly possible for you?

Manifestation is helpful: Do you ask your Guides and Angels to help you? Do you let the Universe know exactly what you need/want?  My experience has been that if you ask, and it is in your best and highest interest, it will happen. Maybe not in the exact timing you want, but it will happen!