NAET 1/14/19: Trees, Leaves and Trauma

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Todays NAET treatment was so fascinating, and wonderfully horrifying! For as long as I can remember I have been allergic to almost all trees, plants, and grasses. So what, you might say, so are many people. Yes, yet when I say to almost all, I mean ALL. 

Most often the reaction has been asthma, and at times has included some light rashes. Our Christmas trees were always fake because I could not withstand a real tree inside the house. Sitting outdoors must have included a chair, or the very least a towel to sit on. Touching the grass with my bare feet – ugh! I might have done it at times, but emotionally I was a wreck inside. Rolling in the grass – never! Just thinking about it made me shiver. Picking up those leaves off the ground that everyone raved about, saying how beautiful they were – no way! You get the picture. 

Fast forward to Christmas 2019. We had done so much work on my health over the past few months, I was thriving and felt ready to take a trip to Washington to be with our kids and grand kids for Christmas. I had prepared a lot for it. We all had. We had desensitized my body to our daughters dog, bought a water purifier to put in the hotel shower, asked the hotel not to use air freshener and to put an ozone machine in the room before we arrived, and our daughter cleaned her house thoroughly. We were ready to go! 

Driving through Oregon and once in Washington, I began to experience hay fever type allergies to the trees and new environment. Expected. While visiting our daughters home, I had no problems, except for minor allergies. Until the asthma started up, which increasingly worsened during our stay, but only when I was inside her home, with the Christmas tree. So I managed the asthma during our stay with an inhaler and had a great trip with no other issues. This was major progress, and the first time in many years I went away and did not end up with rashes. 

Over the next few weeks upon returning home I began to have flashbacks again of the group molestation from when I was 14 years old. I had passed out and woke up naked in the forest, on the grass, with trees all around me, and 4 or 5 boys touching me all over my naked body. My memories are of me laying face up on the grass, staring at the trees above me and feeling a flush of wind run through my body, similarly to getting the chills. I was confused, astonished and terrified. I could also smell something strong, but am unable to decipher what the smell was. 

This time the flashbacks have not been about the boys, as we had desensitized me on that incident over a year ago, and I really had cleared it. However, these flashbacks were about my feelings of being naked and vulnerable on the forest grass. I knew my body was trying to release this issue, and that it was time to address it during my next NAET appointment, which was today. 

During my session, the following viles came up: Pine (electromagnetic surrogate), Uveal Tract, Ethanol, Fall Rotting Leaves, Lung Meridian, Lung Qi Deficiency, PTSD, Stuck in the Past, and Touching. 

Breaking them down, 

  • Uveal Tract is a layer of tissue located between the outer layer (cornea and sclera) and the inner layer (the retina) of the eye. Grace said this is why my eyes get so irritated around trees and grasses.
  • Pine and Fall Rotting Leaves have to do with the environment I was in during the molestation. Lying naked on top of grass and leaves, and surrounded by pine trees, my body in some ways established a connection to my surrounding and the trauma. 
  • Lung Meridian and Lung Qi Deficiency are clearing out the asthmatic reaction to the pine and leaves. 
  • PTSD and Stuck in the Past are related to the trauma, as I never dealt with this event so I it has actually been “stuck” deep inside me for about 38 years. 
  • Touching could have to do with with touching the grass and leaves, or the fact that the boys were all touching my body all over.
  • Alcohol could have to do with the fact that we were all drinking, or Grace said it could even be the strong smell that I have been unable to identify. 

NAET is so miraculous because you can’t make this shit up! As Grace was pulling up the viles, tears came up from deep within my body and I cried uncontrollably. I even had a friend with me, and nothing could stop me from crying, not even the pain I saw on her face as she watched me go through the process. 

I chose to tell the story of this NAET appointment in a blog because there are many lessons lying within it. 

  1. It shows just how much energy really does play a role in our lives. 
  2. It shows how connected everything is in life.
  3. It demonstrates the intelligence of our bodies. 
  4. It explains the connection between trauma and your surroundings.
  5. It shows how much trauma can effect a persons life – in a variety of different ways. 

My body handled my trauma in a very physical way. Simplifying things down, my body chose to protect me by making me allergic to the very things that were in my life during the traumas, hence making me “allergic to the world”. I never would have guessed, even as recent as two years ago, that any of my health issues had to do with the traumas from my past. And I have to wonder, how many of you are also suffering because of past trauma that is disguised as a rare auto-immune disorder, or depression, or…